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Field Gulls Fan Post Contest: Kam Chancellor and Doug Baldwin tributes

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Seattle Seahawks Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Here at Field Gulls we strive to be the best place for comprehensive Seattle Seahawks coverage, and with just a couple of months away from the start of training camp, we’re looking for more contributors who can help maintain and indeed improve upon our high standards.

So with that in mind, we’re running a contest right here in the fanposts section!

The contest is simple: Write your best tribute to Doug Baldwin and/or Kam Chancellor.

The winner’s prize: An opportunity to write for the Field Gulls front page on a regular basis

Will there be compensation?

Kenneth: In theory, yes. That is something to be discussed between me and the contest winner first. It’s really dependent upon your availability and desire and commitment to write on a regular basis or if it’s just something you like to keep as a hobby. So I wanted to make that clear even though money can be something strangely awkward to discuss. I am always looking for good writers, of course, but there are probably a lot more good writers in this world than people who have the time or desire to write on a regular basis. Which is totally and completely fine and everyone will have a different objective or reason for submitting to this contest.

You have as much creative liberty as you’d like -- well, not to the point where you’d be breaking SB Nation/Field Gulls rules -- but beyond that the floor is yours. If your tribute is based primarily on film breakdown, go for it. Want to write about statistical dominance? Sure. Just a good ole’ fashioned opinion piece reminiscing about these two and what they meant to the Seahawks franchise? We’re all ears. I should also note that multiple entries are also allowed for those who want to do one fanpost on Doug and one on Kam.

And for the community, even if you don’t want to participate as a writer, you can still contribute! You are strongly encouraged to help us select the winner by simply pressing the green rec button located at the bottom of the page, right before the comments section opens up. The more recs you get, the better the chance you have of winning the contest. We (the Field Gulls) staff will make the final decision and announce the winner on Friday, May 24th. The cutoff date for entries is Monday, May 20th.

Best of luck to all involved and we are looking forward to reading what will surely be some kickass tributes.