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Mike Davis surprises mom with house for Mother’s Day

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Moms matter.

That was clearly on display on Sunday in the Davis family, as former Seahawks running back Mike Davis surprised his mother with a new house for Mother’s Day.

Viewer Discretion Advised: May cause welling.

Davis enrolled at South Carolina as the seventh-best running back prospect in the country and rushed for over 2,000 yards in his final two seasons with the Gamecocks but after being a fourth round pick in 2015 by the 49ers, his career never took off like he hoped. Davis had just 54 carries for 108 yards in his first two years in San Francisco, getting released in May, 2017.

At that point, as a “dime a dozen running back” with little to show on the field as a professional, the idea of Davis cashing in on his immense athletic talent (Thanks, Mom) wasn’t likely with those dozen dimes. Seattle gave him his second life but that didn’t instill too much hope in Davis supporters early on, as he was released at final cuts that year and placed on the practice squad. Davis ran six times in 2017.

As time was just about out for Davis he rushed for 514 yards and four touchdowns last season despite being third on the depth chart behind an 1,100-yard rusher and a first round pick. Though Davis had no hope of a wildly big payday like many NFL players because of his position — just a reality of running backs as only 16 of them making more than $4 million per season — he went from a player who probably rarely unpacked his bags just in case to one who signed a two-year, $6 million deal with the Bears in March. And $3 million of that was guaranteed.

For almost anyone reading this piece a $3 million guarantee would change our lives but what if you knew that there’s a decent possibility that you wouldn’t receive another NFL check as a player again beyond this deal? That’s something that Davis and his agent surely are aware of but that didn’t stop him from spending a good deal of his guaranteed money after taxes on his mom for the first house of her own.

So do running backs matter? Absolutely.

Happy Mother’s Day everybody.