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The details of the Ziggy Ansah contract

Washington Redskins v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Last week the Seattle Seahawks signed defensive end Ziggy Ansah to a one-year contract in order to address the pass rushing deficiency created when Frank Clark was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. Speculation has been all over the place regarding the structure, the incentives and the cap hit, but thanks to former agent Joel Corry, we now know the details.

So, to break that down a tiny bit in order to understand where the cap hit comes from, the first pieces to look at are the signing bonus and the base salary. Those are obviously simple to put together, and add up to $6M for Ansah and are fully guaranteed. That means that effectively no matter what, as long as he does not get suspended between now and the season, then he will get that first $6M.

The next pieces to look at are the per game roster bonuses. The 53-man roster bonuses are designed to protect the team in case Ansah is on either injured reserve or the PUP list. If he is on either of those, he would continue to earn his base salary, but would not earn the 53 man roster bonuses. Roster bonuses for cap hit purposes are based on the prior season, and in 2018 Ziggy was on the 53-man roster for the first 13 games of the season, only being moved to IR in December. Thus, thirteen per game roster bonuses will count towards the team’s cap, which at $93,750 each would be $1,218,750.

Lastly there are the 46-man roster bonuses. These are in place to protect the team in the event that an injury is severe enough to prevent playing, but which is not serious enough to warrant being place on IR. As Ansah was on the active gameday roster seven times in 2018, seven games worth of 46-man roster bonuses will count against the salary cap for the time being, which is $656,250.

Thus, adding the $656,250 to the $1,218,750 and the $6,000,000 from the base salary and signing bonus is how the cap number of $7,875,000 is arrived at.

there are several million in playing time and performance incentives, but we do not yet have the specifics of those at this time. However, we know the contract was reported to have somewhere around $8M in performance and playing time incentives, so it would appear the contract maxes out at somewhere around $14M.

As the final details of the contract become available, we will, of course, do what we can to update readers on those specifics.