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Seahawks should reap rewards for low-cost investments

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Nick Korte at has done his calculations for the 2020 NFL Draft and which teams should be getting compensatory draft picks based on 2019 free agency, and the Seattle Seahawks come away with the expected four extra selections per his write-up.

The Seahawks would be getting a third rounder for losing Earl Thomas to the Baltimore Ravens, a fourth rounder for Justin Coleman signing with the Detroit Lions, a sixth rounder for Shamar Stephen signing with the Minnesota Vikings, and a seventh rounder for Mike Davis signing with the Chicago Bears.

That’s a pretty sweet deal when you consider that Coleman was had for a seventh round pick two years ago, Stephen was signed on a modest one-year deal in 2018, and Davis was picked up on waivers and bounced around on the practice squad before making an impact as the number three running back last season.

Comp picks can now be traded so this gives John Schneider plenty of ammunition with which to work next year, especially when you include the 2020 second rounder that they added from the Kansas City Chiefs. Seattle did trade their original 2020 sixth rounder so they could draft wide receiver John Ursua and their 2020 seventh rounder to the New England Patriots for Jacob Hollister.

If these calculations are correct, the Seahawks will now have 10 picks for next year. But keep in mind: These are far from final and we can’t say they will be 100% accurate calculations. That’ll be official when the NFL makes it official.