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Seaside Chats: Reader questions on the Seahawks

NFL Draft Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Hello Seasiders, this is the best day of my life. Not for any other reason in particular other than it’s another day to live and breathe, and today that breathing includes a new episode of Seaside Chats with Kenneth Arthur. And I do have a great guest on the podcast that does help me defend it as the best day of my life: it’s you!

I take reader questions from my Seaside Joe newsletter and Twitter about the Seattle Seahawks and more.

I cover things such as Pete Carroll’s future retirement prospects, the offense, why I think analytics people on Twitter are getting a little too in their own heads on the game, if I could ask Russell, Pete, and John any question and get an honest answer what would I ask (this is honestly where it gets very real!), which Seahawks jersey you should buy, the benefits and downsides to a ketogenic diet (I’m almost half the man I used to be), Vedic meditation, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Comics, why defensive line depth is more important than who the starting four are, and much more in this 72 minute episode!

To listen, the show is available to Patreon subscribers at the $2/month level. Just $2 a month gets you all the episodes of the show, 1x a week, and eligibility to some giveaways. It also just may be that you want to throw in a buck or two to support low-paid journalists who are wondering where to find part-time work these days. Honestly, just reading the work I put up 7 days/week is enough support for me, but if you’re interested in the newsletter and the podcast, I thank you for that too. Bless you all, even the analytics people on Twitter.


I want to thank Free Dive Records for producing the show most weeks — though I didn’t have time to add the theme music this week.

I want to thank 1MORE headphones for providing me with some sweet, comfy headphones to record on that allow me to wear them for hours on end without discomfort. You can get 10% off by using this referral link and using the code FIELDGULLS.

I want to thank the Footbottle! Send me an email and one Patreon supporter will receive a Footbottle for free. Info is in the podcast.

I want to thank Joshua Thompson for sponsoring last month’s shows. Go to the Dominican Republic!

I want to thank The Subtle Mind for teaching me Vedic meditation.