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Would you want Seattle to host the 2022 NFL Draft?

SEATTLE SKYLINE Photo by Dan Callister/Newsmakers

On Wednesday, various NFL insiders reported the next few locations for the NFL Draft. In 2020, Roger Goodell will step up to the podium in Las Vegas. The commissioner will receive a 2021 chorus of boos in Cleveland. Finally, in 2023, the draft will take place in Kansas City.

You’ll notice that the 2022 location for the NFL Draft has yet to be decided. This raises the question: would you want Seattle to host the draft? While Ian Rapaport thinks it will take place in a “big city,” the draft would be an exciting opportunity for the city of Seattle.

Just one part of the team-building process, the glitzy glamor of the draft has seen its popularity soar and its marketability rise. It now being hosted in a different American city each year, as opposed to in Chicago annually, is testament to that.

What the draft did for Tennessee’s image and economy was staggering. It is big business: the spending is rising; the viewership is rising; the attendance is rising.

(The full figures can be found here)

Dealing with rowdy fans of other teams, also desperate for successful players, somewhat dwindles the attractiveness of having the grand event happen in your city. Yet, Seattle would be able to show its brilliance as a city to the nation and the 114 other countries the event is broadcast to. The local economy would boom. It hopefully wouldn’t rain.

So: would you want Seattle to host the 2022 NFL Draft? Answer the poll below!


Would you want Seattle to host the 2022 NFL Draft?

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