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2019 NFL Free Agency GM Armchair Challenge Results

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It may have taken far longer than I ever anticipated when the competition was launched back in March, but with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signing defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh to a one year contract this past week, the 2019 Field Gulls Free Agency GM Armchair Challenge is now complete.

There was, a tight race at the top of the standings, but once the Seattle Seahawks added defensive end Ziggy Ansah to a one-year contract earlier in May, the winner was largely cemented. Suh’s signing with the Bucs simply made the final standings official, so to keep things short and sweet over the holdiay weekends, here are the standings for the top ten in reverse order.

  • Tenth: The Totem Pole Ponderer: 276
  • Eighth (tie): Pro-zach: 277
  • Eighth (tie): seahutch79: 277
  • Fifth (tie): joseon0ne: 279
  • Fifth (tie): tyler: 279
  • Fifth (tie): Csimo.1965: 279
  • Fourth: andrewdspark: 280
  • Third: JefeHawk: 287
  • Second: penguins4all: 288

As for the winner, well, he (or she) was spot on correctly guessing nine of the 22 APYs correctly, and an astounding 12 of 22 contract lengths correctly. It was fantastic work and an impressive display of knowledge and skill, and potentially a little bit of luck.

So, in any case, congratulations to srhawkfan12 who absolutely crushed it!

This concludes the spring competitions, and if anyone has any ideas for similar things we can do in the fall, please feel free to leave them in the comments.