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Why John Schneider and Pete Carroll’s relationship is the envy of the NFL

Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The working relationship of John Schneider and Pete Carroll is the envy of NFL fans and example for media, despite the difficult last few years. Despite the break-up of one of the most talented teams in the NFL. Despite much-scrutinized decisions.

Jay Glazer’s interview on Friday’s Pardon My Take emphasized this point. Having bemoaned the dysfunction of the Dave Gettleman-led New York Giants, a franchise that appears to lack a coherent strategy, Glazer pointed towards the Seattle Seahawks as the example for the rest of the league.

“Everybody keeps saying that the Legion of Boom is dead, right? John Schneider will pick players, not that he wants, that Pete Carroll is going to use better,” Glazer told Dan Katz and PMT Commenter.

Glazer, a Fox Sports NFL insider who was first to report rumblings of the Odell Beckham trade, continued: “That’s the mastery of a General Manager. Drafting players that my coach is gonna get the best out of in his system.”

Schneider’s press conference at the 2019 NFL Combine confirmed Glazer’s take. “You have to get buy-in from the coaching staff as to whether or not you think you can help the guy with his hand placement,” the Seahawks General Manager revealed.

This communication is key to the working coherence that exists between Schneider and Carroll. Their 2019 draft felt full of reaches to most draftniks. But it belonged to both GM and Head Coach. And every, single pick felt like a Seattle Seahawk. They fit the scheme. They fit the “smart, tough, reliable” mold. They fit John Schneider and Pete Carroll.

“I’ve always believed the biggest dysfunction in NFL buildings is an inability for the coaching staff and the scouting staff to be on the same page philosophically consistently,” commented Raiders GM Mike Mayock. Schneider and Carroll are consistently on the same page.

The two most important figures in the Seahawks organization have come under (justified) criticism for mistakes they have made. Crucially, though, such miscalculations have taken place together. The key is that, future errors—and success—will happen because of BOTH.

That’s something that is often taken for granted. Looking at the mess of the New York Jets situation, stepping back to witness a harmonic Front Office in the Pacific Northwest feels rather good. As Glazer’s interview on PMT proved, the John Schneider-Pete Carroll relationship is still the envy of the NFL.