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Seahawks announce signings of 12 undrafted free agents

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Texas Christian Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Friday news dump time!

A week removed from the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks have announced the UDFAs that they have signed. They notably have two CBs, WRs, DTs, and TEs on that list, and they are as follows: (via

QB Taryn Christion - South Dakota State

CB Derrek Thomas - Baylor

CB Davante Davis - Texas

WR Terry Wright - Purdue

WR Jazz Ferguson - Northwestern State

RB Adam Choice - Clemson

SS Jalen Harvey - Arizona State

DT Jay-Tee Tiuli - Eastern Washington

DT Bryan Mone - Michigan

G Demetrius Knox - Ohio State

TE Mik’Quan Deane - Western Kentucky

TE Justin Johnson - Mississippi State

When adding the UDFAs with those who received tryout invitations, as well as the 11 players actually drafted last week, and practice squad CB Simeon Thomas (who did not accrue one full season of experience), Seattle should have around 68 players participating in rookie minicamp this weekend.

I should note that Mik’Quan Deane is from the same school as George Fant. At 6’3” and 235 lbs I highly doubt he’ll also be converting from TE to offensive lineman, although now I am legitimately intrigued at the possibility of a two-TE set consisting of Deane and Fant. Make it happen, Schotty!