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Seahawks release Doug Baldwin and Kam Chancellor

President Obama Hosts Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks At The White House Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have released receiver Doug Baldwin and safety Kam Chancellor, bringing to a conclusion two careers that will both end (at least in Seattle) after having put together Ring of Honor-worthy resumes.

Rumors surfaced this month that Baldwin may have to retire because of the mountain of injuries he’s faced recently. Baldwin is now 30 and as I wrote last month, the odds of him putting together much of a campaign in the coming years were getting pretty low. This is a surprising blow given what we were all assuming a couple weeks ago, but it was coming to that time when Baldwin may have not had much left in the tank.

Chancellor suffered a serious neck injury in 2017 and hasn’t played since. There was no reason to release him in 2018 and this should give him adequate insurance by the Seahawks waiting until now to cut Kam.

The Seahawks will save roughly $10 million from the moves and it opens up two roster spots, though they also just signed three players this morning with one spot available prior to that, so this seems to make it even.

Thanks to two of the greatest of all-time.