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Seahawks training camp tickets sell out quickly once again

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp for the 2019 season of the Seattle Seahawks is now officially less than five weeks away, with the team set to officially open camp on Thursday, July 25, 2019. With that, tickets for fans to attend training camp went on sale Thursday morning, but if you weren’t ready and waiting to purchase tickets the moment they became available, then you’ll be missing out.

So, in less than fifteen minutes the tickets to all twelve training camps dates which will be open to the public were sold out. In short, those fans who were working, changing a diaper or doing anything else that took up more than a few minutes on Thursday morning Pacific Time missed out.

For any fans who will be attending any of the camp sessions in person, please feel free to take notes, take pictures and put together a Fanpost. Field Gulls readers have loved hearing what other fans have had to say in the past. If you are not comfortable putting together a Fanpost, or would like some assistance, I’m sure many of the capable members of the Field Gulls staff will be more than happy to assist in putting together a piece using input from those fans who are able to attend.

So, to fans everywhere, hang in there. It’s less than five weeks until training camp opens, and we can all begin debating who will and who will not make the final 53 man roster for the 2019 version of the Seahawks.