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Jets go with Joe Douglas over Seahawks executive Scott Fitterer as new General Manager

NFL Lockout Looms As Negotiations Reach Final Day Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

The New York Jets have a new general manager, but it’s not Seattle Seahawks executive Scott Fitterer.

Despite reportedly being impressed with Seattle’s current Co-Director of Player Personnel during the interview process, the Jets have gone with former Philadelphia Eagles Vice President of Player Personnel Joe Douglas as the replacement for the unceremoniously fired Mike Maccagnan. Truth be told, Douglas was the favorite to land the job and his previous ties with Jets head coach Adam Gase certainly helped his case.

Fitterer is no stranger to being interviewed by other teams to be their possible GM. He’s drawn interest from the Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, and Indianapolis Colts in recent years. The Colts in particular have already poached from the Seahawks front office, with senior personnel executive Ed Dodds leaving Seattle for Indianapolis in 2017.

So for now, Fitterer is still with the Seahawks, although apparently randomly firing the general manager after the NFL Draft is the in-thing these days. The Houston Texans now have a vacancy after the surprise decision to send Brian Gaine out of of town. Thus far, he’s not been tied to a potential interview with Houston, who appear to have problems.