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The Drive: One night in 1984, Part Five

Seattle Seahawks v San Diego Chargers
“They still playin’?” O.J. Simpson

By the fourth quarter football, beer, football, and above all, beer, had filled up the horizon of my mind. The Seahawks were gunning for a shutout. The Chargers played only to avoid that disgrace. ABC swapped out analysis and infographics for shots of the crowd.

Something tells me this person has some very pointed opinions about the Industrial Revolution.
Still working on his long awaited follow-up to Gravity’s Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon takes in the game.
A relaxed, if a bit shaggy, Donkey Kong celebrates Nintendo of America’s legal victory over Universal. Just out of frame to the right: Kong’s friend and life-partner Jumpman.

Kenny Easley had one more interception to grab.

Seahawks rushers had one more fumble to give up.

And Seattle’s defense had one more heroic stop to make.

Heroic may be overstating it. After suffering another injury at wide receiver, San Diego was playing third-string quarterback Bruce Mathison at flanker. Nevertheless shutting out a Don Coryell team is always an accomplishment.

Fittingly Easley effectively ended the game with an acrobatic play on the ball.

In two weeks, the Seahawks face the Raiders on Monday Night Football. Both teams are currently 7-2. The Raiders own the tiebreak after beating the Seahawks in week 6.

Winning won’t make up for last season’s AFC Championship blowout loss. Winning won’t ground the A320. Winning won’t bring back The Polynesia. Winning won’t bring back anything lost or ensure anything not yet lost remains. But damn it if I wouldn’t bed a Bremelo just to see it.