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The end of the offseason is in sight: Seahawks rookies report to camp

NFL: MAY 04 Seahawks Rookie Mini-Camp

It's been just over six months since the 2018 season of the Seattle Seahawks came to a grinding halt in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs against the Dallas Cowboys. However, Hawks fans can now put those memories in the past because in a very short period of time there will be real news on which to report and fake football to watch.

All the offseason debate about which of the 73 wide receivers Seattle drafted and signed will step up and take the spot Doug Baldwin vacated that has driven you all mad since April is about to get turned up to 11. Or, knowing this fanbase, it's possible it gets cranked all the way up to 12.

In any case, as DK Metcalf, Gary Jennings, John Ursua, Keenan Reynolds, Terry Wright, Jazz Ferguson, Malik Turner, Caleb Scott and Amara Darboh duke it out for roster spots behind Tyler Lockett and David Moore, it’s no longer the doldrums of the offseason, as rookies report to camp today. Wednesday will be no more than check in, and it’s more of a period for rookies to get adjusted before the veterans report next week, with training camp officially getting started in full on Thursday the 25th.

So, while the offseason has been long and boring, the arrival of actual football news to read and something resembling professional football to watch is just weeks away!