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Tyler Lockett enters NFL top 100 for the first time

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Shane Roper-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett is ranked 98th in the 2019 version of the NFL’s Top 100 list. Lockett expressed gratitude on Twitter for being recognized on this list for the first time in his career.

During his fourth NFL season in 2018, right after signing a three-year contract extension with the Seahawks, Lockett caught a career-high 57 passes for 965 yards and 10 touchdowns. Quarterback Russell Wilson had a perfect passer rating of 158.3 when targeting Lockett, completing 80% of his targets that way with 41 first downs on 71 targets.

The honor — which is decided on votes by players — is bestowed upon Lockett despite him finishing 23rd in yards. But Lockett stood out in other ways, finishing sixth in yards per catch, tied for sixth in touchdowns, first in yards per target (13.8, two full yards above second place), first in DVOA, and first in DYAR. If the NFL Top 100 was more efficiency based and players cared more about advanced stats than traditional ones, then Lockett might crack the top 20, but as it stands he’s 98th ... which doesn’t seem that unfair to me either.

Lockett also continued to return kicks and punts again, though those duties may go away as he takes over for Doug Baldwin was Wilson’s official and undisputed number one.

During the list’s debut in 2011, Seattle had zero players on the list. In 2012, they got Earl Thomas and Marshawn Lynch onto the list, but not in the top 50. Then things started to take off in 2013 as the Seahawks began to dominate the list. From 2014-2018, the team has often had the most or are among the teams with the most players on the list. Even last year they had seven players or recently-former players on the list: Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Thomas, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Jimmy Graham, and Baldwin.

Unfortunately, Thomas was injured after four games, Sherman was released, Kam pseudo-retired, Graham left via free agency, and Baldwin was never at 100%. Of those seven, only Wilson and Wagner remain and this was only a year ago.

Lockett entering the list now means that Seattle does have talent remaining and new players on the rise, though this may be the beginning of the end for the Seahawks dominating the list. Wilson and Wagner should remain high on the list. Frank Clark will make his debut, but he’s now on the Kansas City Chiefs. I would be a little surprised if Jarran Reed makes it just because he’s coming off of his first year as a legitimate candidate for it, but he will now serve a six-game suspension. The only other player I can think of is Duane Brown, who was ranked 48th in 2013 after an All-Pro season at left tackle for the Houston Texans.

Chris Carson probably doesn’t hear his name called after one season as an 1,100-yard rusher.