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Seahawks Training Camp 2019: Day 6 open thread

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks-Training Camp Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Day six of Seattle Seahawks training camp for the 2019 NFL season is here!

We are officially just one week away from Seattle’s first preseason game against the Denver Broncos, and in fact the Broncos are playing tonight in the 2019 NFL Hall of Fame Game against the Atlanta Falcons. August is upon us and that means we are within touching distance of a brand new season!

Watch the live stream of Thursday’s session from VMAC in this link (Seahawks Youtube decided to disable embedding) at 10:15 AM PT.

Once training camp is wrapped up for the day, we will have news and notes and the biggest quotes from the Seahawks coaching staff, as well as injury updates and video highlights of the top moments. Ideally we don’t have someone else go down with injury like L.J. Collier did on Tuesday.

The remaining training camp schedule for the Seahawks is as follows:

Friday, August 2nd

Saturday, August 3rd (in Bothell)

Monday, August 5th

Tuesday, August 6th

Monday, August 12th

Thursday, August 15th (open to Season Ticket Holders only)