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Injury update: Seahawks DE L.J. Collier to be out some time with “unique” ankle injury

NFL: MAY 04 Seahawks Rookie Mini-Camp

During practice on Tuesday the Seattle Seahawks watched their first round pick L.J. Collier go down with an ankle injury, which reports later indicated were a high ankle sprain which would likely keep him out for the preseason. Thursday Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll spoke to the media after practice, and provided an update on Collier’s injury.

So, what exactly does it mean when a player has an “unusual” ankle sprain? Well, Carroll was much more evasive as members of the media attempted to gain more specifics on Collier’s ankle.

So, not only does the rookie out of TCU have a unique injury, it’s “significant” and of a type that the Seahawks medical staff hasn’t seen before according to Carroll. Now, at least one former NFL team doctor wasn’t buying the idea that the team’s medical staff hadn’t seen the type of ankle injury Collier suffered before.

Getting back to Carroll’s classification of the injury as “significant”, I’m relieved he did not refer to it as “legit”, however, based on the reports, it doesn’t sound like fans should expect to see Collier on the field anytime soon. With luck, he’ll heal up quickly and be ready for the stretch run. However, if the injury is as severe as some seem to fear it could be, fans could be watching Ziggy Ansah chase opposing quarterbacks for the Seattle defense before Collier has a chance to do the same.