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Seahawks Training Camp 2019: Day 11 highlights

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks-Training Camp Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

I had no idea that the Seattle Seahawks had training camp on Sunday. Could’ve sworn that wasn’t on the original schedule, but evidently they did have one that was open to the public and we might as well look at the highlights.

It was a cloudy day in Renton as the Seahawks continued their preparation for the 2019 season. You get to see a Keenan Reynolds touchdown, along with Russell Wilson getting picked off in the red zone by Shalom Luani, who hauled in the pass intended (what looked to be) for Gary Jennings Jr. Between that red zone gaffe and Paxton Lynch’s strong showing on Thursday, a QB controversy between Wilson and Lynch is now brewing. Sorry, I got carried away.

Here’s a snippet of what happened on Sunday:

The Seahawks are back in training camp on Monday, and then wrap things up on Thursday, August 15th. From there, it’s nothing but your standard practices without accompanying highlight videos, because by then we’re craving the actual playing time on the gridiron.