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Seahawks snap counts from preseason opener

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Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Thursday the Seattle Seahawks took on the Denver Broncos to open the preseason opener, coming out of the game with a 22-14 victory in which many youngsters had a chance to shine. The young players who flashed included rookie wide receiver Jazz Ferguson and safety Marquise Blair, but it may be the case that the biggest signs about the roster plans for the upcoming season came from those who didn’t flash. Specifically, those who didn’t play at all in spite of being healthy.

Before jumping in to that discussion, though, here are the snap counts from the Thursday game, courtesy of Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

The keys from these snap counts that we can take and apply to the roster is, as noted above, those players who were healthy but did not play a single snap. It appears based on looking at the list of players who did not play, even in the absence of injury, that those individuals the team knows will be starters did not play. Those include the likes of Duane Brown, K.J. Wright, Chris Carson, Tyler Lockett and Jaron Brown.

Wait, what? Jaron Brown? Yes, Jaron Brown.

While some fans have debated all offseason whether Brown would be able to maintain his spot on the roster through training camp and into the regular season, we appear to have our first true piece of evidence that he may not be going anywhere. There has been a lot of praise for Brown through the early portions of camp regarding his abilities and underutilization, not just for the Hawks in 2018, but for other teams where he has played as well. In addition, Brown saw the second most special teams snaps of any wide receiver on the team in 2018, so he can contribute there as well.

In any case, while many fans will likely continue go back and forth regarding whether Brown will or will not make the roster, it seems as though the team has provided a solid answer. So, at least based on this evidence, it would seem Brown is set to be one of the wide receivers to make the roster, and now it becomes a matter of figuring out who slides in behind he and Lockett.