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Goofballs welcome Vic Michaelis, talk Giants, Eli, Reality TV, and Antonio Brown

NFL: New York Giants-Minicamp TODAY NETWORK

Hey y’all! Got a new podcast episode for you but if you’re seeking Seahawks-only content in a pod, this ain’t the one. I’ll put one of those out on Seaside Chats as regularly as possible too! Goofballs is a comedy football podcast I started last week with two of my friends and it’s a general talk about the game with our guests. If that ain’t you’re thing, no worries, and thanks for stopping by!

The Goofballs welcome LA-based improviser Vic Michaelis (she does it all at the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre, her twitter) to the podcast to talk about her favorite team, the New York Goofball Giants, and much more. Vic talks about her love/hate relationship with Eli Manning, embarrassing physical ailments, and why Are You The One? has ruined all reality television for her.

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We also talk about Antonio Brown, fantasy football, Broadway shows, sweaty butts, NFL YouTube channels, and we start a segment in which we guess how many people will listen to the show. Will you help us hit the OVER?! Then listen, subscribe, and share Goofballs!