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FanPulse: Seahawks fans feel confident following busy offseason for defense

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NFL: Preseason-Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

FanPulse, a team-focused polling committee that asks “plugged in” members of the community to vote on certain topics and was invented by yours truly last year, is back again and spreading across SB Nation. Originally titled “Field Gulls FanPulse” because this is where it all started in 2018, FanPulse is now a part of the entire network and is returning even bigger for the 2019 season.

You can see all the results across many platforms over at SB Nation’s FanPulse Hub!

Every week, fans are asked how confident they are in the direction of the team. Following the Seahawks somewhat surprising push to make the playoffs last season, 92% of fans said they were confident in the direction of the franchise. That number dipped after the first wave of free agency — a week that Pete Carroll is rarely involved in — but was up to 88% following an exceptional draft haul of 11 players.

Now after a 22-14 win in the preseason of the Denver Broncos, the poll result has settled in at 84%.

How much could a primetime win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday boost confidence again, especially with Russell Wilson back on the field? Probably as much as an ugly loss could hurt them, despite the final score not really mattering.

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