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Seahawks LB Mychal Kendricks will be busy the week of his sentencing

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For much of the offseason fans of the Seattle Seahawks have wondered whether linebacker Mychal Kendricks would be available to the team during the 2019 season because of his impending sentencing following his guilty pleas on two felonies.

That sentencing, originally scheduled for last December, then January and then April, is now set for Wednesday, September 25, and outside factors make it appear as though it is likely to actually take place this time around. Specifically, the trial for the individual Kendricks allegedly enlisted to help him execute the insider trading scheme amidst his busy schedule as an NFL player, Mark Wayne Ramsey, is set to start Monday, September 23. Adding to this, the other original defendant in the case against Kendricks, Damilare Sonoiki, is scheduled to be sentenced the following Monday, September 30.

Thus, with both Kendricks and Sonoiki likely to be key prosecution witnesses who testify early in the case against Ramsey, that would put both of them in Philadelphia for the trial right around the time they are slated to be sentenced. For those who have wondered about whether the stresses of awaiting sentencing and having to testify against a former high school friend could have an impact on Kendricks’ on field performance, we should have an answer to that during the first half of the season.

In short, everything appears to be coming together in the case in a way such that it would appear as though this time the sentencing hearing will actually take place and will not be postponed for yet another time. Based on current scheduling, it would seem likely that Kendricks would play in the Week 3 game against the New Orleans Saints before heading to the East Coast for a few days and then returning in time to be with the team for the Week 4 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals.

Obviously, there are no guarantees on that timing, and things could change in the coming weeks if Ramsey were to change his plea, alleviating the need for a trial. However, as it stands now, it certainly appears as though there is a very good chance that Kendricks will be able to testify on the same trip when he heads back to Philadelphia for sentencing.