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Get ready to root for the XFL’s Seattle Dragons

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I know we’re on the cusp of the start of the Seattle Seahawks regular season, but I’m already looking ahead to February 8th, 2020. Not only will it have been one week after the Seahawks’ Super Bowl victory, but it’ll also be the start of XFL 2.0.

WWE’s Vince McMahon is giving it another shot at running a gridiron football league, only this time they actually bothered to plan stuff well in advance. On Wednesday, the XFL revealed the names and logos for the eight franchises that will be on the field next year.

So without further time wasting, behold the unveiling of the Seattle Dragons!

The Dragons will play at CenturyLink Field, coached and managed by former Seahawks quarterback Jim Zorn. Their fellow Western Conference teams are the Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, and Los Angeles Wildcats.

If you missed the live stream, watch the replay below, because... it’s something.

And here are all of the team names and logos. I personally want to know if the DC Defenders will be allowed to play offense, and why the hell isn’t Seattle’s team called the BattleHawks instead of St. Louis? BattleHawks sounds like a killer robot that would win a BattleBots competition.

There’s only one XFL player under contract right now, and that’s ex-Steelers QB Landry Jones, who’s not even signed with a team yet. The XFL Draft is set for October and training camp starts in November.