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Injury update: Seahawks WR David Moore has a broken arm

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

As the Seattle Seahawks barrel towards the regular season, the wide receiver position has seen two key members in David Moore and DK Metcalf miss time with injuries. Metcalf, of course had surgery last Tuesday on a knee injury about which the team has yet to disclose any kind of detail other than the fact that it’s his knee. Now, after Moore suffered an injury in practice last week that led to him missing the preseason game Saturday against the Los Angeles Chargers, some more specifics of the injury have come out.

A hairline fracture, while obviously not the greatest news, is far better than other, potentially more serious injuries. The timeline for recovery from such an injury is measured in weeks rather than months, and time should be all that Moore needs in order to recover. That said, he obviously won’t be able to fully participate in practice while waiting for the fracture to heal, but based on the fact that a hairline fracture should be healed by late September or early October, there would appear no immediate need for the team to put him on injured reserve.

Being placed on injured reserve on Sunday or Monday after the team has made its cuts down to 53 would keep Moore out until at least November, though it could buy the team a much needed roster spot in the meantime if Pete Carroll and John Schneider decide they need it.