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Enemy Reaction: Seahawks Year in Review - 2011

Seahawks at Bears Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images

2019 represents the tenth year of the Enemy Reaction series. It was initially titled “What The Losers Are Saying” back in 2009, then “The Morning Aftermath” in 2010, and the current title and format you’ve come to know and love was spawned in 2011.

So to commemorate this momentous occasion, over the next two weeks there will be a series of Enemy Reaction “year in review” specials that chronicle the entirety of the Pete Carroll era. We are going to skip the Jim Mora season because... well, I’m calling the shots, and I don’t want to relive that garbage.

Each year will have one (and only one) highlight from every game, with the corresponding game thread reactions. Unlike other Enemy Reactions, I am including the losses, so this is as comprehensive as it gets.

We’ve now entered the 2011 season. Another 7-9 season, only this time no postseason berth. It was a brutal 2-6 start to the year that turned into the Seahawks having feint wild card hopes by Week 16. Consider it the dawn of a new era, as we saw early glimpses of greatness from the likes of KJ Wright, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, and Doug Baldwin. The team just needed a franchise quarterback, which they would get the following season. Until then, it was T-Jack time.

L 33-17 at San Francisco 49ers - Comeback denied

L 24-0 at Pittsburgh Steelers - Shutout

W 13-10 vs. Arizona Cardinals - Kam to the rescue

L 30-28 vs. Atlanta Falcons - Hauschka’s Hail Mary isn’t answered

W 36-25 at New York Giants - A game-ending pick-six

L 6-3 at Cleveland Browns - Worst game ever

L 34-12 vs. Cincinnati Bengals - Somehow an incomplete pass

L 23-13 at Dallas Cowboys - Busted coverage

W 22-17 vs. Baltimore Ravens - RIP Ray Lewis’ ankles

W 24-7 at St. Louis Rams - Big Red!

L 23-17 vs. Washington - Hello, Helu

W 31-14 vs. Philadelphia Eagles - Beastquake 1.25

W 30-13 vs. St. Louis Rams - Block party

W 38-14 at Chicago Bears - Red Bryant pick-six!

L 19-17 vs. San Francisco 49ers - A costly fumble

L 23-20 (OT) at Arizona Cardinals - Larry gives the Seahawks defense Fitz

Trust me, things get better from here. Check back on Wednesday, August 28th for the magical 2012 season.

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!