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How high up Seahawks franchise leaderboard will Tyler Lockett climb in 2019?

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NFL: Preseason-Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hump day of the last week of August, which means the next four days are extremely busy for the Seattle Seahawks and their fans. First, on Thursday night the Hawks will play the Oakland Raiders in their fourth and final preseason game of the year, and then on Saturday prior to 4 PM New York time must reduce its roster down to 53 from its current 90 players.

That will keep fans busy and occupied for the majority of Labor Day weekend, however, one player to keep in mind for 2019 with the regular season just a week and a half away is fifth year wide receiver Tyler Lockett. Lockett is now the unquestioned leader for the team at the position, with Doug Baldwin having departed from the team back in the spring. That brings up the fact that in spite only entering the fifth season of his career, he’s already quickly moving his way up the franchise leaderboard in several statistical categories. First, here’s a look at the top twenty Seahawks in franchise history by receiving yards.

Seahawks all time receiving yards leaders from

Rk Player From To Yds TD
Rk Player From To Yds TD
1 Steve Largent 1976 1989 13089 100
2 Brian Blades 1988 1998 7620 34
3 Doug Baldwin 2011 2018 6563 49
4 Darrell Jackson 2000 2006 6445 47
5 Bobby Engram 2001 2008 4859 18
6 Joey Galloway 1995 1999 4457 37
7 John Williams 1986 1993 4151 16
8 Koren Robinson 2001 2008 3567 14
9 Sam McCullum 1976 1981 3409 21
10 Tyler Lockett 2015 2018 2781 19
11 Deion Branch 2006 2010 2347 15
12 Sherman Smith 1976 1982 2342 10
13 Mike Pritchard 1996 1999 2288 8
14 Golden Tate 2010 2013 2195 15
15 Jermaine Kearse 2012 2016 2109 11
16 Jimmy Graham 2015 2017 2048 18
17 Tommy Kane 1988 1992 2034 9
18 Dan Doornink 1979 1985 1940 11
19 Paul Skansi 1984 1991 1911 10
20 Daryl Turner 1984 1987 1872 36

So, even though he’s only been with the team for four years, he’s already in the top ten in franchise history for receiving yards. Give him another season with Russell Wilson at quarterback, and Lockett has the chance to easily move up into spot eight or nine in franchise history before the end of this season.

Looking at other categories, he’s eighth in franchise history for touchdown receptions, and just three more moves him all alone into seventh place. No-E under contract for three more seasons, he could easily work his way into the top five, as Daryl Turner is fifth in franchise history with 36 touchdown receptions.

The category where he’s likely to move the most spots this season is in receptions. In a tie with Chris Warren at 194 receptions, he’s just 51 receptions away from moving all alone into eighth in franchise history, as there is a cluster of players just above him. The players he could pass in that category this season are Dan Doornink (197), Sherman Smith (211), Shaun Alexander (214), Mack Strong (218), Sam McCullum (232) and Koren Robinson (244). It would take a monster, 90 catch season for Lockett to pass Joey Galloway (283), so that seems more like something to put down as what to watch for in 2020. That said, if the Hawks end up in a bunch of shootouts and Russ starts slinging it all over the field, keep that nugget fresh in the back of your mind.

In any case, this is just one of those things that won’t be of much importance over the coming days, but we likely won’t be very deep in the season before Pocket Rocket Lockett continues his assault on the franchise receiving record books. That is especially the case in light of the injuries to David Moore and DK Metcalf, on top of the relative lack of experience among Seahawks receivers this season.