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Comparing Seahawks Germain Ifedi to other right tackles in their early years

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Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Friday we took a stroll down memory lane looking at some of the critiques that left tackle for the Seattle Seahawks Duane Brown took early in his career while playing for the Houston Texans. Obviously, Brown has turned out to be a pretty good football player, though it took him some time to get there. The criticism leveled at Brown, however, was strikingly similar to much of the criticism which Seattle right tackle Germain Ifedi has endured through his first three years in the NFL. Thus, I included a table in that piece that looked at some early-career metrics for Brown against Ifedi for the first three years of their careers.

Now, as fans are never satisfied, some wanted to know how Ifedi’s numbers stacked up not against a player who plays on the other side of the line, but how do his numbers measure up against other right tackles across the league. Well, those answers are easy and simply take some plugging of numbers into the spreadsheet, so here they are.

Two quick notes on the table. First, as reader Davison Phipps pointed out, the snaps per pressure metric for Duane Brown was incorrect, as the formula had been fat fingered when being entered. It is correct in this table. Secondly, there are two columns for Ifedi in this table. The first being all three years of his career, and the second being just the 2017 and 2018 seasons when he played primarily tackle. I’m not going to take the time to strip out the game against the Kansas City Chiefs when he slid inside to replace the injured D.J. Fluker, I just wanted to provide slightly less of an opportunity for readers to complain about an apples to oranges comparison.

Germain Ifedi’s metrics versus other right tackles early in their careers

Category Duane Brown Germain Ifedi Ifedi (2016 Removed) Mitchell Schwartz Lane Johnson Rob Havenstein Trent Brown Ricky Wagner La'el Collins Jack Conklin
Category Duane Brown Germain Ifedi Ifedi (2016 Removed) Mitchell Schwartz Lane Johnson Rob Havenstein Trent Brown Ricky Wagner La'el Collins Jack Conklin
Snaps 2695 3038 2112 3193 3205 2692 1890 2224 1962 2659
Pass Blocking Snaps 1632 1847 1251 2004 1590 1573 1176 1354 1006 1552
Sacks Allowed* 25.5 18.5 13.5 23 16.5 15 5.5 5 5 7.5
Sacks Allowed** 23 15 10 23 18 14 7 5 5 8
Snaps per Sack* 64 99.8 92.7 87.1 96.4 104.9 213.8 270.8 201.2 206.9
Snaps per Sack** 71.0 123.1 125.1 87.1 88.3 112.4 168.0 270.8 201.2 194.0
Pressures Allowed 133 124 83 133 114 112 62 82 79 81
Snaps per Pressure 12.3 14.9 15.1 15.1 13.9 14.0 19.0 16.5 12.7 19.2
False Start 12 21 15 8 13 3 12 5 3 6
Snaps per False Start 224.6 144.7 140.8 399.1 246.5 897.3 157.5 444.8 654.0 443.2
*STATS methodology
**Pro Football Focus methodology

If there are any other right tackles you’d like to see added to the list, let me know, but this is a pretty good list of many of the better right tackles from across the NFL. Those in the table include:

Again, if there are any other right tackles readers would like to see added to the list, leave a comment and if I have time I can attempt to add them to the table.