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Seahawks Training Camp 2019: Day 10 highlights including more DK Metcalf hype

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NFL: MAY 04 Seahawks Rookie Mini-Camp

Day 10 of Seattle Seahawks 2019 training camp is done, and we are now less than 50 hours away from the official start of Seattle’s preseason. In the meantime, we have highlights to enjoy just to get us hyped some more.

As I mentioned in the headline, DK Metcalf is part of this highlights package and for good reason. You will see him corral a deep pass from Russell Wilson by reaching into the air for the high-point, tumbling to his back, and holding on despite tight coverage from Tre Flowers. Are you not excited yet? Well maybe some other clips of Terry Wright and Jazz Ferguson also featured may encourage you a bit more about the Seahawks’ potential at WR.

Here’s a brief round-up of what happened on Day 10:

Once again, the Seahawks don’t have training camp practice on Wednesday because they play an actual football game on Thursday against the Denver Broncos.

Here’s the rest of the training camp schedule:

Monday, August 12th

Thursday, August 15th (open to Season Ticket Holders only)