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Goofballs: A Football Podcast debut!

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There’s been 3000 NFL Mock Draft, Real in the Field Gulls, Instant Reaction, and Seaside Chats. I’ve created a lot of podcasts here in the last five or six years, but today’s new show feels different. Perhaps because it’s the first one where I’ve purchased actually audio equipment to make this thing happen live and in person with people here in Los Angeles who love football and make me laugh.

And with that, today is the debut of Goofballs.

Goofballs: A Football Podcast is myself as the main host/stats, Ally Phillips on fantasy football, and Jonny Svarzbein on being a generally grumpy Eagles fan who hates the Cowboys. In our first episode, it’s more about getting to know us than anything else, but we discuss fantasy, a survivor league (that we want you to enter!), our respective teams, do a quick rundown of all 32 teams, predict the Super Bowl halftime artist, and debate what constitutes a “football movie” plus much more.

Here is a link to iTunes where we’d love you to subscribe to the show. New episode every Wednesday morning!

Here is a link to Patreon, where again, show (free).

So that’s a new football podcast that I’d like for you to consider mixing in with your other football podcasts. I can only guarantee you one thing: we’re better than all of ‘em.

Here’s one more thing that I’d like to promote to you that I’ve been working on for the last few months. It doesn’t have to do with football (yet) but it’s a new YouTube channel called “Commentary on Commentary” in which I break down the filmmaker commentary track on a DVD and slice it up into a bunch of facts. The first video is called “127 Facts About Final Destination Learned from the DVD Commentary” and I would be eternally grateful for you to subscribe to the channel on YouTube. Even if you don’t use YouTube that often. Give it a view if it sounds like something you’d enjoy!

These videos take a ton of work but I’m hoping to get them out every two weeks, continuing with Final Destination 2 very soon.

If you’re signed up for the Seaside Joe newsletter that I put out about the Seahawks (and more) every day, then you already know about these things. If not, I hope that one of these projects brings a little bit more entertainment to your life this season.

(Seaside Chats/Instant Reaction should also be continuing on Patreon this year)