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Seahawks bringing back QB Geno Smith

Seatle Seahawks v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

On Saturday as the Seattle Seahawks were trimming down to 53, one of the surprise moves was the termination of the contract of veteran quarterback Geno Smith, which left the team with Russell Wilson as the only quarterback on the roster. Of course the Hawks were not going to head into the 2019 season without a backup for the highest paid player in the NFL, and now Josina Anderson of ESPN is reporting that Smith’s departure from the roster was only temporary.

This is not a surprise, as since Smith is a veteran not subject to waivers, the Seahawks were able to move him off the roster without fear of another team claiming him. The most likely case here is that the team will be moving a player to injured reserve after 4 PM New York Time today, and by releasing Geno for a day it allowed the Seahawks the opportunity to effectively carry an extra player overnight.

As I have noted in the past, the advantage of placing a player on IR after 4 PM on Sunday is that the player is then eligible to return after Week 8, and there are multiple candidates on the roster who could be that player that is put on IR. Whether it’s Shaquem Griffin, Ed Dickson or someone else we will have to wait and see, however, at least we know who will get to kneel down for Russell when the Hawks are up big at the end of games.