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Sentencing for Seahawks LB Mychal Kendricks postponed again

Seatle Seahawks v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

It was a year ago this week that Seattle Seahawks linebacker Mychal Kendricks plead guilty to insider trading in a federal courtroom in Philadelphia, with sentencing on charges of securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud first scheduled for December of last year. Then his sentencing was rescheduled for January, then April, then September, but it has once again been postponed.

Brady Henderson of ESPN is reporting that Kendricks’ sentencing is now set for November 21.

The date, likely not coincidentally, happens to be the Thursday prior to the Seahawks Sunday Night Football game in Philadelphia, meaning that Kendricks will likely simply travel ahead of the team and meet them when they arrive. Logistically speaking, this is far more convenient for Kendricks, as he will avoid flying home from Pennsylvania late on September 15, only to need to fly back across the country a week and a half later for sentencing, followed by a trip back across country for the Seahawks Week 4 game against the Arizona Cardinals.

In any case, for anyone who had any doubt about whether Kendricks would be available for the duration of the 2019 season, this should effectively close the book on any questions about his avialability. As I’ve noted previously, white collar criminals, such as Michael Cohen, Garrett Bauer and Martha Stewart typically have a period of several weeks to several months between sentencing and when they report to prison. Thus, with less than six weeks between his sentencing date and the end of the regular season, it appears that there is zero doubt Kendricks will be able to finish out the regular season with the Hawks. The postseason could be a different question, but it’s not time to talk about the playoffs just yet.