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A look at the Seahawks line after Week 1

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Back in June, in the middle of OTAs, Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Duane Brown opined that he believed the Hawks line had the potential to be the best offensive line in the entire NFL in 2019. Some laughed, while others felt that with continued development from younger players like Germain Ifedi and Ethan Pocic, combined with some good luck when it comes to health for Mike Iupati and D.J. Fluker, the line could at least compete for the title of best in the NFL.

Thus, in the interest of accountability, each Wednesday during the regular season I’ll be doing a quick look at where the offensive line ranks relative to the rest of the league in the various offensive line metrics that are available through different outlets. These will include metrics like

  • Pass Blocking and Run Blocking rankings from Football Outsiders,
  • QB Hits
  • Pass Blocking Efficiency (PBE)from PFF,
  • Grades of the five linemen if they are available and
  • other metrics that become available or which fans request to have included.

Obviously, Week 1 will see some lower rankings due to the combination of a small sample and the fact that the Hawks didn’t have much film to go off of for the defensive front they would face. In any case, I completely expect the overwhelming majority of these rankings to improve in the coming weeks, with the line both better able to prepare and more ready to play.

In any case, here are where the team’s offensive line currently ranks among the 32 NFL teams.

Football Outsiders

Run Blocking: 28th

Pass Blocking: 31st

In spite of the fact that it’s Wednesday and the last game of Week 1 was played on Monday evening, the NFL has yet to update its offensive line stats page. I’d list where the Seahawks rank in terms of the teams that the NFL does have included in the current offensive line stats, but as of this writing the league only has the stats updated through the early games of Week 1. Updates are usually published to the website in a much more timely manner, so, I’ll watch the site and see if the NFL puts out any updates.

Just in case the league does not update the stats, here are where the Seahawks stand relative to the 16 teams for whom the league has published data based on the early games and the performance by the Seahawks.

QB Hits Allowed: Tie-14th (of 17)

QB Sacks Allowed: Tie- 11th (of 17)

Pass Blocking Efficiency

So, 31st, in this one.

PFF Grades

Duane Brown: 58.4

Ethan Pocic: 50.5

Justin Britt: 28.4

D.J. Fluker: 75.1

Germain Ifedi: 50.4

Again, it was a rough day for the line against a defensive front that came in prepared and without any tape for the Hawks to watch beforehand. I expect a greatly improved performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2 will likely increase these rankings drastically.