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FanPulse: Seahawks fan confidence takes a dive after too-close win over Bengals

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NFL: SEP 08 Bengals at Seahawks Photo by Michael Workman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

FanPulse results are in this week and it’s not looking like Seattle Seahawks fans were too pleased with the Week 1 results, even if it was a win. Going into the year at 93% confidence, and probably 100% confidence that they’d get an easy home win over the Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle fans were less confident when polled on Monday.

Just 72% were “confident in the direction of the team” after Sunday’s 21-20 win over the Bengals.

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Nationwide, fans voted the Cleveland Browns to easily be the most disappointing team of Week 1 following a 43-13 loss at home to the Tennessee Titans. The second-most disappointing team was the Pittsburgh Steelers, who also happen to be the Seahawks next opponent. The Steelers lost 33-3 to the New England Patriots in Week 1. Fan confidence for the Steelers went from 84% to 21% following the loss.

A morning road win over Pittsburgh would go a long way towards bumping confidence again. A loss and things could be getting closer to 50/50.