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Video: Seahawks rookie D.K. Metcalf’s first NFL touchdown was a huge one

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

D.K. Metcalf gave Seattle Seahawks fans plenty to be excited about with his debut performance last week, with 4 catches for 89 yards against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the second-round rookie WR did have some early growing pains. He was penalized for offensive pass interference and a face mask on the same play, wasn’t on the same page on a couple of back shoulders throws from Russell Wilson, but he still came up with 3 catches for 61 yards and his first NFL touchdown.

Leading 21-19 in the 4th quarter, Seattle faced a 3rd and 3 from Pittsburgh’s 28. Wilson dropped back to pass and lofted one towards Metcalf, who is covered well by safety Terrell Edmunds. Metcalf bobbled the ball initially but then gathered it, toe-tapped to get both feet in bounds, and touchdown was signaled for what was the Seahawks’ final scoring drive of the game.

It’s early days but Metcalf has shown glimpses of greatness that has justified all the hype he’s garnered through the NFL Draft and into Seahawks training camp.

The Seahawks beat the Steelers 28-26, and Metcalf’s snag was by far one of the bigger plays of the entire game.