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How the Seahawks offensive line looked against Steelers in Week 2

Seatle Seahawks v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Sunday the Seattle Seahawks were on the road in an early game played on grass, and while there were struggles, including four early sacks and a couple of fumbles, the team came away victorious. The Hawks win allowed the team to keep pace in the NFC West, as both the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers remained undefeated, so even though Seattle is off to its best start in six years, the competition in the division could prove tougher than imagined just weeks ago.

In any case, Russell Wilson was brilliant against the Pittsburgh Steelers, at least when he wasn’t on his back, but he was hit often early before things settled down. Beyond Wilson’s performance through the air, Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny combined for well over 100 yards on the ground, helping Seattle to victory. For those fans who have questions about how the offensive line performed and how each of the five members looked, here are cutups from the coaches film for every play in the game. Each clip is every snap from a quarter, so sit back and enjoy the show.

On Wednesday I’ll do my weekly Look at the Line piece where we look at where the Seahawks offensive line ranks in various categories compared to the league, and the Run Game Review pieces for both Carson and Penny should be done in the next couple of days as well.