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Seahawks vs. Saints gets CBS A-team of Jim Nantz and Tony Romo

CBS Upfront
Hello Friends.

The Seattle Seahawks may be 2-0 but they’ve had fairly limited national television distribution to start the season. That will change this Sunday when their game against the New Orleans Saints is the featured 1:25 PM PT kickoff on CBS.

The lead broadcast team of Jim Nantz and Tony Romo (with sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson) will be in Seattle for what is a “cross-flex” game, as the NFL recently loosened restrictions on what games could land on CBS and FOX. Ordinarily, an all-NFC matchup would belong to FOX, but this week’s game is on the AFC network.

Nantz and Romo did Seattle’s 36-31 loss to the Los Angeles Rams in 2018, but this is Romo’s first time at CenturyLink Field since his effectively career-ending back injury suffered in preseason against the Seahawks in 2017. Dak Prescott became the Dallas Cowboys starter and apart from a handful of passes thrown in Week 17, the torch had clearly been passed and Romo hung up the cleats and went to broadcasting. Romo has quickly become a popular analyst and one of the few who doesn’t irk a significant portion of listeners.

CBS pegged this as a big game when the schedule came out in April, and it’s an early chance for a (mostly) national audience to see the Seahawks for the first time this season.