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Enemy Reaction Special Edition: The Seahawks trade for Jadeveon Clowney

Houston Texans v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Rob Leiter via Getty Images

I was skeptical about the Seahawks trading for Jadeveon Clowney, and a bit apprehensive having assumed that John Schneider would need to give up quite a bit to acquire the star Houston Texans defensive end.

Not only did the Seahawks actually get Clowney, but they only gave up a 2020 third-rounder, Jacob Martin (the only part of the trade I’m sad about), and Barkevious freaking Mingo. This trade doesn’t even work in Madden NFL 20, and the Texans said “deal!”

I’ve swooped in for an emergency Enemy Reaction to get the pulse of Texans fans (spoiler: they’re pissed) and a handful of other teams around the NFL. Enjoy!

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Post-Trade: This trade went in favor of the Seahawks (Stephen Forsha, Toro Times)

Did the Houston Texans not get enough in return for trading Jadeveon Clowney to the Seattle Seahawks? The simple answer is yes, but did you expect anything else from this front office with how this entire contract process has went with Clowney?

The Texans gained a third round pick from Seattle, plus added to their defense Barkevious Mingo and Jacob Martin. Houston lost Clowney in the trade, though now the contract mess, and the franchise tag drama is all behind them, even with the Texans still playing $8 million of Clowney’s signing bonus.


On paper this trade went in favor for the Seahawks because they know they are getting a Pro Bowl caliber pass rusher for at least one season, and the jury is still out on exactly who the Texans have received in this trade.

Post-Trade (written before Laremy Tunsil trade): Arguably one of the worst trades of the last decade (Anthony Wood, Texans Wire)

Essentially, the Texans have dealt away a top-10 edge rusher for — and no disrespect is intended here — two backups and a mid-round pick. Along with this, they have failed to use Clowney as leverage to fix their glaringly obvious and gaping issues on the offensive line at left tackle of center in particular, and cornerback. Even bringing in a running back to replace Lamar Miller would have sufficed.

But no, the front office seems content protecting Deshaun Watson with a subpar offensive line full of other team’s rejects and unproven youngsters. After his team allowed 62 sacks last year, you would have thought Bill O’Brien would have realized the severity of their issue and just how much it was holding them back, but apparently not.

Seattle was reportedly one of Clowney’s two preferred destinations. O’Brien should have used this to their advantage to bring in players of need. Yes, they are thin at linebacker without Clowney, but the offensive line is a far bigger issue.

Without a general manager at the helm, the Texans have been led headfirst into arguably one of the worst trades of the last decade. Clowney may not have been the pass rusher everybody thought he would be, but his athleticism and versatility will be near impossible to replace without a first-round pick. None of their issues have been solved with this trade. Instead, they have created a new position of need.

Post-Trade Video: Texans fans learning about Clowney trade (by Jesse Bracken)

As a result of this special Enemy Reaction, the lookback on the Pete Carroll era will be postponed until Tuesday, when we’ll resume with the 2015 season and wrap up with 2018 on Friday. I’d say it’s worth it with what transpired on Saturday.

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!