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An ode to the three in what the Seahawks are chasing: A 3-0 mark

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers
3 doin 3 things
Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

For Week 3, as the Seattle Seahawks (Threehawks?) aim to go 3-0 for the first time since 2013, how about an elegy to that most pertinent number of all: Three.

Not only because Russell Wilson, a demigod masquerading as a human quarterback, happens to wear it. Or is he just one-third god? No way to find out for sure, except to watch him and his Threehawks, yes I’m leaning into it now without shame, take on the New Orleans Saints this weekend. We’ll cover number 3’s standout season, worry thee not.

The Saints, of course, will be without Drew Threes Brees, out with a serious thumb injury. So 3-0 looks, if not assured, because nothing is assured, at least probable.

Done wasting time. Have a gander at how the digit 3 has served us so well:

  • The Saints have been to Seattle thrice this decade. They’ve come away with three losses (Beastquake, on Monday night Week 13 in 2013, and the ensuing playoffs) in three tries.
  • The Seahawks have played three linebackers for more than half of their snaps this season, after seasons of fielding only two on most plays.
  • Three times this season, Pete Carroll has challenged defensive pass interference. The third time, on third down and long, was his only successful attempt.
  • Wilson, the prototypical 3, is having a monster year: So far, a 134.5 passer rating and 9.0 yards/attempt, buoyed by five TDs and no interceptions. By the way, his 78.2 completion percentage ranks no. 3 in the league.
  • C.J. Prosise, Malik Turner and Nick Vannett have three catches apiece on three targets apiece.
  • There are exactly 3 S’s, 3 E’s and 3 A’s in “Seattle Seahawks.” That means absolutely diddly squat, but it’s pretty cool. Cooler yet: SEA is the third letter of the alphabet.
  • Seattle has lost three fumbles. They lost all of four last year. Total.
  • Hey look, the Seahawks’ point differential is... three.
  • In Week 3, Carroll’s Seahawks are 8-1, including eight home wins. (Seattle is actually 15-0 in all September home games this decade and if they lose Sunday, it’s this column’s fault.)
  • On the final, game-clinching drive against the Steelers in Week 2, Wilson scrambled three times.
  • In quarter 3 so far, the Seahawks have given up a total of, yeah, three points.
  • Down 3: Seattle has faced the third-worst situation in the NFL on third down, with an average of 10.7 yards to go.
  • Down 3, take 2: The Seahawks trailed three times in Week 1 to the Bengals, each time by three points, 3-0, 10-7 and 17-14.
  • Down 3, take 3: They also trailed by three at halftime in Pittsburgh.
  • Last but very, very, very far from least, Quinton Jefferson and Branden Jackson have combined for three sacks already, or one short of their combined total last year.

Go Threehawks.