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Seahawks start 3-1 or better for 13th time in franchise history

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Going into this season, I’m going to be honest, I was lower on the Seahawks than I had been in quite some time. Probably the lowest since before the 2012 season.

We know how that went.

Seattle beat the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday to improve to 3-1, giving them their best four-game start since 2016. That was also the last time that the Seahawks won a playoff game and Seattle’s postseason chances are looking much brighter than they were to many a month ago. Despite a rough home loss to Teddy Bridgewater’s Saints, the Seahawks are now only four days away from a home game against the LA Rams that could have them with a nice advantage over their division rivals.

The 3-0 San Francisco 49ers are on a bye week, returning in seven days to face the Cleveland Browns.

This is the 13th time that the Seahawks have started 3-1, with nine of the previous 12 trips resulting in a postseason appearance. However, Seattle’s made the playoffs with their last eight starts of 3-1 or better.

2013 was the only time in franchise history that Seattle started 4-0 and that ended in a Super Bowl championship.

10 teams started 4-0 or 3-1 last season. Of the eight teams to start 3-1, only three made the playoffs and half of them finished with a losing record. So it’s early yet, but the Seahawks played their most complete game of the season on Sunday in Arizona and must like how they’re feeling going into Thursday’s matchup vs the Rams.

At least as good as they did during Pete Carroll’s Seattle heydays.