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Enemy Reaction: Seahawks Year in Review - 2015

Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

2019 represents the tenth year of the Enemy Reaction series. It was initially titled “What The Losers Are Saying” back in 2009, then “The Morning Aftermath” in 2010, and the current title and format you’ve come to know and love was spawned in 2011.

So to commemorate this momentous occasion, over the next two weeks there will be a series of Enemy Reaction “year in review” specials that chronicle the entirety of the Pete Carroll era. We are going to skip the Jim Mora season because... well, I’m calling the shots, and I don’t want to relive that garbage.

Each year will have one (and only one) highlight from every game, with the corresponding game thread reactions. Unlike other Enemy Reactions, I am including the losses, so this is as comprehensive as it gets.

We’ve entered the 2015 season. Kam Chancellor’s holdout largely dominated the offseason headlines and bled into the first couple of regular season games. This played out poorly for Seattle’s defense, whom even when healthy could not stop squandering 4th quarter leads. At 2-4, they looked like they were going to miss the playoffs. At 4-5, they were in deep trouble. Russell Wilson proceeded to go on an all-time torrid stretch of elite play that proved once and for all that he’s only good because of guys like Fred Jackson and Bryce Brown.

L 34-31 (OT) at St. Louis Rams - The ill-fated Dion Bailey start

L 27-17 at Green Bay Packers - The perils of a Seahawks screen pass

W 26-0 vs. Chicago Bears - Shutout

W 13-10 vs. Detroit Lions - Kam Chancellor Punch-Out!

L 27-24 (OT) at Cincinnati Bengals - Choke

L 27-23 vs. Carolina Panthers - Choke again

W 20-3 at San Francisco 49ers - Long ball to Lockett

W 13-12 at Dallas Cowboys - BRUUUUUUCE

L 39-32 vs. Arizona Cardinals - A rare primetime home defeat

W 29-13 vs. San Francisco 49ers - Extra effort!

W 39-30 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers - Doug Baldwin’s dagger

W 35-7 at Minnesota Vikings - Touchdown called back? No problem.

W 35-6 at Baltimore Ravens - Another Baldwin hat-trick

W 30-13 vs. Cleveland Browns - Mike Pettine eats his words

L 23-17 vs. St. Louis Rams - Will Tukuafu the goat

W 36-6 at Arizona Cardinals - Will Tukuafu the GOAT

W 10-9 at Minnesota Vikings - Walsh’d it to the left

L 31-24 at Carolina Panthers - Sometimes it’s how you start that leaves you finished

Only three more seasons to go! Check back in on Wednesday, September 3rd for the 2016 season.

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!