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Pete Carroll Monday press conference notes: Talks Russell Wilson, Chris Carson, Rams

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll just finished his Monday press conference moments ago. Here are paraphrased notes of what he said. Quotes are direct from Carroll.

Pete Carroll

Good opportunity to have back-to-back division games. Loves Thursday nights. This is a special occasion to honor Paul Allen as an inductee into the Ring of Honor on Thursday night.

Rams are a really good football team. They’ve been great since Sean McVay got there. Rough, unusual game for them yesterday.

Todd Gurley hasn’t been as explosive as usual. Tough games. Unusual for them to play from behind. He’s working hard but the numbers aren’t there. (At one point it sounds like he’s now talking about Jared Goff, mentioning passer rating.) (This could also be an issue of me mis-hearing the question.)

If you’re gonna have a good season, you gotta be good at home. This is a big deal. Every one of them is. Wants to play championship football.

Luke Willson came in Tuesday night, coaches came out of the offices to meet him in the hallway, it was like a celebration. Rarely is it ever like that. Gifted spirit. Didn’t miss a step. People who knew him were thrilled to have him back. Had a fantastic week. “He’s on my all-time team. He’d definitely be there.”

Haven’t separated from anybody but it’s a good, solid start. One lousy outing that we gave the game away, to a really good team. (Potential reference to Chris Carson’s fumble here.)

Tod Lieweke was the guy that Carroll dealt with in the beginning and then Paul Allen got involved later. Easily convinced by Allen that he meant what he was telling Carroll and that’s not what he experienced in the past. Everything he stood for became real. Difficult to leave USC but was excited for the challenge of the NFL. Have to give a lot of credit to Lieweke. Allen hit all the marks. Everything clicked and made sense with regards to him coming to Seattle in 2010.

As far as success in primetime games, “something’s in the water.” Would like to think they got a beat on it. There’s something to it, Carroll will leave it at that.

There’s a clear process they go through to get ready for Thursday night games and they are confident in the process. Doesn’t know how other teams prepare. Practices are different this week. Monday is still recovery mode. Must maximize recovery. Won’t share everything. Can’t practice in the same fashion as you normally do. Important to look after the recovery aspect of this. Have to still learn, practice, go through reps, but find your way to do that.

Chris Carson played a great football game.

Lots of young head coaches out there. We’ll see what happens. McVay is a rare example of a guy who was clear on what he wanted to do, how he wanted to do it, and didn’t want to do it like other people. Carroll admires that. You have to be able to sustain a good start, McVay’s in year three and working on it. The Rams have been operating at the top end of the league and here we go again. It doesn’t have to do with how old you are, it’s who you are and what you’re all about. Can you put it together and can you hold it together? Coaching is hard.

Not near to where they want to be as a pass rushing team. Better in Week 4 than they were in Week 3. Really counting on Jadeveon Clowney and Ezekiel Ansah. Seahawks aren’t off to a fast start, only just getting going. Mychal Kendricks had two sacks and should have had three. “Where did that come from?” Ziggy had a sack, Clowney had a big impact in the game. Glimpses.

LJ Collier did “fine” and played about 20 plays. A couple nice plays. Nice tackle on the draw.

On Tedric Thompson, if you can avoid an illegal hit you should. Technically if he had made the hit on the other shoulder it would have been more acceptable. Can’t tell if it was helmet to helmet from where they were. He tried to get out of it but it was bang-bang and they saw it that way. Won’t be surprised if the league supports the flag.

Lano Hill deserves to play more. They’re still competing for snaps at safety, wants to keep it competitive. Wasn’t balanced this week. Tedric did a nice job on the back end, thwarted some special plays and bombs and things they tried to get him on it. Helped controlled what could be an explosive passing attack.

Marquise Blair has to keep battling. Reps and opportunities aren’t everywhere. Gets down to a numbers game. He’s got a chance to be as good as anyone in the Seahawks secondary. Opportunities are minimized. Would love to see him play. He’s got to keep working and they’ll keep the competition open.

Bobby Wagner having a slow start? Mentions how many tackles he has. No explosive plays, but thinks he’s doing great.

Rashaad Penny looked ready to play Sunday, it was just defying of a hamstring injury to already be ready. They’ll test him. Won’t be a lot of practice reps for him and they anticipate he’ll be healthy Thursday.

Aaron Donald is as dominant of a factor as you can get. So fast for a defensive tackle.

Shaquill Griffin looks good, active, made consistent plays week in, week out. Doing a good job on deep balls. Great football.

Russell Wilson is off to his best start ever. More accurate, consistent, and in command than he’s ever been. Doesn’t care how “big” the numbers are, yards, his play is very sharp.

Travis Homer is exactly what you want out of a rookie guy who makes the team, lower round. Everything he’s done — he’s the leading effort guy in the special teams group. Consistently “on.” Not just tackles. Chase, willingness, doing a great job.

Ethan Pocic’s back issue. “I’m a little out of my lane here.” Something in his neck bothered him. Don’t know if he’ll be available Thursday.

The 4-3 base defense with three linebackers. Was anticipating about this being really good, very excited about it. The linebackers are so aware of the game in the broad sense, all playmakers, mobile, versatile athletes. Likes the power they bring. Hitting. Magnitude in the stops they make as opposed to smaller guys. The game has become all these little fast guys, maybe it has, “maybe we’re missing it.” Thought as they developed together, the mental side, chemistry, give the Seahawks something unique. Off to a pretty good start. Will see a lot of packages vs Rams this week.

When Carroll was with the 49ers in the 90s, the first year, had a lot of good players and didn’t have to take them off the field. Including Ken Norton, Jr.

Kendricks as a pass rusher. He’s a unique guy with his style of play. Fast, explosive, flexible. Ran a 4.4. Seahawks linebackers can “fly.” Airballed one of his sack opportunities.

Ansah coming back. He’s a tough dude. Made a couple downfield hits, perimeter hits. Was attracted to his film from last season. One of Carroll’s favorite things in football is big guys running downfield. Can’t get enough of Al Woods chasing the football.

Neiko Thorpe should be ready to go on Thursday.

Rams is a great matchup. They must play really great football to match up with them. Learning to play championship football.