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Get your “We Go To 12” Seahawks home crowd t-shirt today!

The Seattle Seahawks went 11-5 and made the playoffs!

So how do you celebrate Seattle’s sweet success in 2019 with two more home games left to play? With the only way that Americans know how to celebrate ...

Voicing their thoughts through nonverbal communication aka graphic tees, especially ones that combine a comedic element with your internal feelings of love and support for the home team.

That’s why I designed this We Go To 12 t-shirt to signify that you’re part of the loudest home crowd in the NFL plus you’ve got a keen sense of humor. It’s your favorite place in the world + your favorite thing to tell opposing fans: we’re louder than you.

The Seahawks next home game is December 22 against the Arizona Cardinals followed by the potential game of the year against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 17. How do you want to show up to the game?

In this awesome graphic T of course!

The shirts are of course available in different sizes and they should keep you from being nude in public. It’s possible if you’re not wearing this shirt that you’re wearing a different shirt and are not nude, but if you’re wearing this shirt you’re GUARANTEED to not be nude above the waist.

Below the waist is your prerogative.

Here is the LINK to get your shirts! Move fast and GO HAWKS!