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Enemy Reaction: Seahawks Year in Review - 2018

Sam Mellinger: Chiefs cornerback Charvarius Wards path from wheelchair to mamas boy to the NFL John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

2019 represents the tenth year of the Enemy Reaction series. It was initially titled “What The Losers Are Saying” back in 2009, then “The Morning Aftermath” in 2010, and the current title and format you’ve come to know and love was spawned in 2011.

So to commemorate this momentous occasion, over the next two weeks there will be a series of Enemy Reaction “year in review” specials that chronicle the entirety of the Pete Carroll era. We are going to skip the Jim Mora season because... well, I’m calling the shots, and I don’t want to relive that garbage.

Each year will have one (sometimes two) highlight from every game, with the corresponding game thread reactions. Unlike other Enemy Reactions, I am including the losses, so this is as comprehensive as it gets.

We’ve finally reached the finale of this special series. The 2018 season was projected as a rebuilding year for the Seahawks, aka “they’ll suck ass and miss the playoffs.” If you watched the first two games, you’d feel validated. But this is a Seahawks team coached by Pete Carroll and quarterbacked by Russell Wilson, and you know they’re going to fight. They went 10-4 over their final 14 regular season games, clinched a playoff spot with a week to spare, and shut many critics up. If only last season had involved a playoff win...

Let’s get rolling!

L 27-24 at Denver Broncos - Really? This is a TD?

L 24-17 at Chicago Bears - Prince’s pick-6

W 24-13 vs. Dallas Cowboys - Take a bow, Earl!

W 20-17 at Arizona Cardinals - Seabass for the win!

L 33-31 vs. Los Angeles Rams - Close, but not close enough

W 27-3 at Oakland Raiders in London - Transatlantic Ass-Kicking

W 28-14 at Detroit Lions - More Moore!

L 25-17 vs. Los Angeles Chargers - Dropping the ball

L 36-31 at Los Angeles Rams - Dante’s Inferno

W 27-24 vs. Green Bay Packers - Fourth Quarter Russ

W 30-27 at Carolina Panthers - FOURTH. QUARTER. RUSS.

W 43-16 vs. San Francisco 49ers - Wagner goes the distance

W 21-7 vs. Minnesota Vikings - Jacob Martin’s finest play as a Seahawk

L 26-23 (OT) at San Francisco 49ers - A sloppy defeat in Santa Clara

W 38-31 vs. Kansas City Chiefs - We miss you, Doug

W 27-24 vs. Arizona Cardinals - Seabass for the win again!

L 24-22 at Dallas Cowboys - Dak-breaker

Thanks to everyone who read even one of the nine seasons of this Enemy Reaction lookback on the Pete Carroll era. Here’s to many Enemy Reactions in the 2019 season, starting with the Cincinnati Bengals. I have one more special for you coming up later in , so be on the lookout for that.

Go ‘Hawks!