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4 Seahawks quarterbacking legends get together to share stories

I’ve been reviewing the YouTube pages for all 32 NFL teams over the last month or so and while some franchises are way ahead of the curve with their Hard Knocks-style presentations (there are a few, but Arizona, Kansas City, and Cleveland immediately come to mind; nobody has more subs than the Browns and it’s not even close) but the Seattle Seahawks were not one of them. The Seahawks YouTube page is absolutely fine but in a few years it may need to ramp up to get closer to the standard we’re used to from this team.

That being said, with a little help from the NFL and the 100-year anniversary of the league, a video was released last week that I absolutely love. They brought together four legendary Seattle quarterbacks — Russell Wilson, Matt Hasselbeck, Dave Krieg, and Jim Zorn — to recount their best (and worst) moments, share stories, secrets, and jokes. I’ll post the full video as well as a list of some interesting tidbits.

1:30 Zorn recalls the first regular season game he played with Steve Largent and compares him to Anquan Boldin. “Any slot receiver who can’t be covered.”

2:45 Wilson asks about the deep ball, Krieg says they loved the deep ball, play action. Lots more man-to-man and defenders had stickem on their bodies and they would hold receivers 15, 18 yards downfield. (Consider that narrative about Richard Sherman for all those years...decades after when Krieg and Zorn played.) When the stickem or pine tar got on the ball, it really bothered Zorn.

3:38 Hasselbeck asks about their numbers.

4:15 Krieg gushes over the time Derrick Thomas sacked him seven times.

4:35 Zorn asks about sleeves. Wilson likes tight sleeves.

5:12 Speaking of sleeves, Hasselbeck recalls a game against the Steelers where he played with a temporary tattoo he still had from a John Randle Halloween party. (Pics?)

5:32 Wilson wants to wear the old school jerseys.

5:50 Hasselbeck doesn’t like Rodney Harrison

6:00 Hasselbeck: “I was going for a completion mentality and I threw for more yards in a game than I ever had before.” (449 yards against the San Diego Chargers in a 31-28 win for the Seahawks.)

Zorn then says what impresses him most about Hasselbeck, who he coached in Seattle under Mike Holmgren

6:48 How the QBs trained in Cheney, WA during training camp

7:22 Jack Patera (head coach, 1976-1981) didn’t let them have water at training camp.

8:17 “Coach Holmgren was a very tough coach to play for,” says Hasselbeck, who went on to say that Holmgren would scream at Zorn for any mistake. But Zorn disagrees and says the only time Holmgren ever got mad at him was taking too long to teach how to pitch the ball.

8:50 Kingdome memories! Krieg mentions the 12th man and how loud it was in there. Wilson asks if it was as loud as CenturyLink and Krieg says it was as loud. He thinks it was the loudest indoor stadium he ever played in. Zorn says he wore Nike Air Force 1s in the game because they played great on that field.

10:00 They keep discussing the loudness of stadiums and Hasselbeck says that when he had to play in Huskies stadium, it wasn’t the same. It wasn’t where people wanted to watch Seahawks games and it wasn’t as loud.

10:37 The Giants “offsides” game.

11:18 Hasselbeck compliments Wilson on his abilities to make a play when the defense jumps offsides

11:49 Wilson talks about the Sidney Rice touchdown throw against the Patriots

12:30 Hasselbeck talks about how he hated how Seattle was disrespected nationally

12:50 Wilson talks about the Super Bowl win

13:30 Wilson talks about Joe Namath and the mink coat

13:56 Zorn and Krieg talk about their trick field goal plays. Zorn recalls a time he had a -35 yard pass because of one.

16:05 “Speaking of coin tosses, I think we got one coming up here.” This is my favorite story of the show. Hasselbeck explains why he said “We want the ball and we’re going to score” and discusses the interception. Zorn interjects and says Hasselbeck and his audible wasn’t the problem, it was Alex Bannister not going to the right spot. He says that he doesn’t want to name names but he basically names a name.

18:49 “When the players care a little bit more than the coaches, that’s when something special happens.” - Mike Holmgren, as quoted by Hasselbeck.

19:13 “You’ve got to be a great actor” - Russ

20:19 Hasselbeck says he struggled early on with being coachable and being immature

20:48 Krieg blames Brett Favre

21:05 Hasselbeck talks about taking chances and Wilson discusses that he balances a “time and place” to talk chances because of his athletic ability. He’ll think twice against Von Miller and Aaron Donald. It also matters when in the game it is.

22:00 A circus touchdown by Krieg

22:50 Zorn talks about the first Seahawks season ever. “2-12 our first season. It was not memorable, but I do have it in my memory.”

23:40 Zorn’s first touchdown

24:10 The first regular season game. Everyone was so new that Zorn had to call fullback Ralph Nelson “44” because he didn’t know his name.

25:32 Hasselbeck remembers texting Wilson on the day of the Super Bowl to let him know how much it meant to him and the rest of the former Seahawks for them to be there.

26:30 Krieg mentions that he and Russell Wilson’s dad were both the holder for a kicker named Nick Lowery; Wilson’s dad at Dartmouth and Krieg for the Chiefs. Krieg also mentioned he used to be a baseball player like Russ.

27:10 Hasselbeck’s dad was on the LA Raiders in ‘83 when they beat the Seahawks in the AFC Championship game and Matt was at that game and Krieg recalls what that game was like. What it was like to upset the Dolphins, to be huge underdogs in that game, to get their butt kicked by the Raiders. “When I threw an interception to Matt Millen in the third quarter I knew I was done. You gotta take me out. If Matt Millen’s gonna pick me off, I’m no good to this team.” Wilson was surprised to find out that Krieg and Zorn would play in the same game sometimes, but Krieg clarifies:

“I was taken out of that game because I was 3-out-of-9. If you count the interceptions I was 6-out-of-9.”

29:17 Hasselbeck recalls trying to beat Washington in the playoffs after a long Seattle postseason win drought. “There was a lot of pressure to win a playoff game.”

30:36 Wilson loved coming back to Seattle after winning the Super Bowl.

31:38 Hasselbeck recalls losing the Super Bowl but feeling better seeing the fan reaction when they got back to Seattle. Russ shares a similar experience.