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Jadeveon Clowney was not fined for the hit that forced Carson Wentz out

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Jadeveon Clowney drew the ire of Eagles fans during the wild card round when he forced Carson Wentz out of the game with a concussion, having fallen on him as Wentz tripped forward during a Bradley McDougald sack.

Clowney was not flagged on the play, but he was booed relentlessly by Philadelphia fans throughout the game and some demanded a suspension. After the game, referee Shawn Smith explained the decision not to flag Clowney, saying it was a matter of “incidental helmet contact.”

Unsurprisingly, Clowney made it clear that an injury to Wentz was not his intention, which was clear in real time.

A suspension was always unrealistic, but a fine was certainly possible. Though the official at hand did not deem it a flag, he himself said it was helmet-to-helmet contact. However, this week came and went, and on Friday it was reported there would be no fine for Clowney.

The Seahawks defensive end continued to manage his core injury throughout the week, but is expected to play in Seattle’s divisional round game against the Packers.