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Get your “Take Care Of Y’all Chicken” t-shirt, hoodie, and mugs today!

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The Seattle Seahawks’ season is unfortunately over, and consequently it’s the probable end of Marshawn Lynch’s unexpected but memorable second stint with the team. If it is his swan song, the man got up off the couch and scored four touchdowns in three weeks behind an offensive line that finished the year playing Phil Haynes at left guard and Jordan Roos for a few snaps at center.

In what may be the final press conference of his career, Lynch had some words of advice for young players in this league about handling their finances and their careers. You can watch the full video below, but the pivotal quote is simply, “Take care y’all bodies, take care y’all chicken, take care y’all mentals.”

“Chicken” in this instance means money, and it’s a lot better chicken-related advice than what Ernie Arnastos accidentally said on New York television all those years ago.

“Take care of y’all chicken” is another timeless quote from a timeless player, and why wouldn’t you want to wear that on a t-shirt?

Thankfully our friends and affiliate partners at BreakingT have got just the design for you!

I understand it’s January and right now those of you in the Seattle area may be feeling a little bit chilly at the moment due to the snowstorm, which is decidedly not t-shirt weather. Not to worry! As Marshawn said, “Take care y’all bodies,” so that’s what the hoodie is for!

UPDATE: Now added to the inventory, a “Take Care Of Y’all Chicken” coffee mug!

Here is the LINK to purchase the mug! It holds 11 oz of liquid and it is microwave safe!

Here is the LINK to purchase the shirts! Sizes come in small all the way up to 3XL, whether for t-shirt or hoodie