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All-22 Musings: Eye-catching plays from the Seahawks’ loss to the Packers

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Despite their attempt at a late comeback, the Seahawks came up short at Lambeau Field, falling out of the playoffs after a 28-23 defeat. Seattle began slowly, as they have all too often, and were unable to overcome Davante Adams and a Packers offense that attacked the Seahawks in a similar fashion to the 49ers and Rams.

Despite Seattle’s loss, a trio of defensive stalwarts popped, as well as three dynamic stars on offense who have helped to guide the Seahawks all season long.

[GB 2-10 SEA 38] (13:36) (Shotgun) A. Jones right guard to SEA 36 for 2 yards (B. Wagner)

Bobby Wagner began Seattle’s loss te Packers with a mental error which led to Aaron Jones’ 23-yard gain, but after that, he redeemed himself. Wagner was strong against the run the rest of the way, with two crucial goal line stops. This one, just beyond midfield, features one of my favorite things to watch Wagner do: Square up to a running back in the hole, mirror their movements and then bring them down.

[GB 2-3 SEA 16] (11:28) A. Jones right end to SEA 20 for -4 yards (J. Clowney)

Jadeveon Clowney provided us with some outrageous entertainment this season, such is his speed and aggression when defending the run. Once more, he breaks into the backfield and drops the tailback for a loss with ease.

[SEA 1-10 SEA 33] (6:57) M. Lynch right guard to SEA 41 for 8 yards (D. Lowry)

We only got a few medium-to-long gains from Marshawn Lynch in his brief return, and just the one against Green Bay. However, it is a product of Lynch’s excellent vision and feel for space. He spots Kenny Clark defeating D.J. Fluker’s block, and rather than meet the stout defensive tackle in the hole, he cuts it back and gains a solid eight yards.

[GB 3-12 GB 13] (3:05) (Shotgun) A. Rodgers pass short right to J. Williams to GB 22 for 9 yards (B. McDougald)

The back-half of the season was filled with Bradley McDougald making plays and timely tackles. With Quandre Diggs behind him, McDougald just oozes confidence. Here, he drops into the curl/flat zone, picks up Jamaal Williams and drops him for a drive-ending stop on 3rd down.

[SEA 1-10 SEA 42] (2:06) G. Fant reported in as eligible. R. Wilson pass incomplete deep left to M. Turner

Unfortunately, the lasting memory of Malik Turner this season for most was his crushing drop late on Sunday, but this play is worth highlighting because it gets at (part of) what he does well. Turner is—or at least should be—a depth receiver, and that’s a role he will fill well. He’s a good blocker, savvy in rub routes, maximizes yards after the catch and is smart at finding space against zone defense. That’s what he does here, adjusting his route and finding space, though Russell Wilson was unable to hit him.

[SEA 2-10 SEA 42] (2:00) (Shotgun) R. Wilson pass deep left to T. Lockett ran ob at GB 30 for 28 yards (D. Savage). Penalty on GB-K. King, Defensive Holding, declined

Tyler Lockett’s release is muddied a bit because he stumbles, but he came off the line well. The most impressive part—aside from Wilson’s perfectly lofted pass—was the way Lockett is able to wheel away from Kevin King with the ball in the air.

[GB 2-Goal SEA 1] (10:49) L. Patrick reported in as eligible. A. Jones left tackle to SEA 1 for no gain (B. Wagner)

Another top notch run stop from Wagner, who reads Jones correctly the entire way. It was enabled by both the defensive line and Wagner keeping himself clean so that he could meet Jones right at the line, which he did perfectly.

[SEA 2-9 SEA 19] (9:09) (Shotgun) R. Wilson pass deep left to T. Lockett to 50 for 31 yards (D. Savage). GB-D. Savage was injured during the play. Penalty on GB-J. Alexander, Defensive Holding, declined

Lockett, always the master out of structure, does so well here to get in behind Blake Martinez and into the space between three Green Bay defenders. He’s just a phenomenal threat before and after the play breaks down.

The end zone view shows it was created by an unbelievable play by Wilson: The movement to avoid the sack, the way he changes his arm angle to not have the pass batted down at the line, and then the pass itself—on a rope into Lockett’s chest.

[GB 1-Goal SEA 2] (1:50) (Shotgun) A. Jones right guard to SEA 1 for 1 yard (J. Clowney; B. Wagner)

The third of Wagner’s three run stops to show up here is one that’s just tough as nails. He takes on Green Bay guard Elgton Jenkins—who is considerably above average at his position—and is unmoved. Not only does Wagner hold up against Jenkins, he’s able to get off the block and stonewall Jones at the goal line while help arrives.

[SEA 2-5 GB 38] (12:38) G. Fant reported in as eligible. R. Wilson pass short right to DK. Metcalf pushed ob at GB 14 for 24 yards (A. Amos)

DK Metcalf didn’t quite match his ridiculous playoff debut, but the rookie put in another steady performance. This was his best catch in the divisional round, and involved two great adjustments. The first sees Metcalf break his route back out towards the sideline and into space, and the second is the adjustment on the ball—full stretch to haul in Wilson’s pass.

[SEA 1-Goal GB 1] (9:49) (No Huddle, Shotgun) M. Lynch up the middle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN

The end zone angle really does a great job of showing how little options Marshawn Lynch had on his first touchdown run, and the superb effort it took to get in. He initially runs into a pile of eight players and approximately 2,400 pounds, before the second and third effort gets him into the end zone. A true legend.

[SEA 2-8 SEA 28] (5:38) (Shotgun) G. Fant reported in as eligible. R. Wilson pass short right to T. Lockett to SEA 41 for 13 yards (J. Alexander)

Lockett has always been really good at using a vertical step at the top of an in-breaking route in order to make the cornerback open their hips, and this one worked wonderfully. Jaire Alexander looked like he was momentarily held up by the force, while Lockett wheeled away.

[GB 2-10 GB 27] (9:23) (Shotgun) A. Rodgers pass incomplete short right to D. Adams (Sl. Griffin)

Shaquill Griffin wracked up pass breakups this year for a few reasons. He is quite good at reacting to the football, and he most certainly has the athleticism to get there in time. Just as importantly, he has the length to get into a receiver’s frame and disrupt the pass, as he does here. Griffin’s going to be a productive corner for many years.

[GB 1-10 SEA 41] (7:18) A. Jones left tackle to SEA 40 for 1 yard (C. Barton; P. Ford)

Poona Ford gets in on a run stop here as a result of a clean rip away from Corey Linsley. All season long, I’ve wondered whether Ford can develop into a pass rusher, because the balance and short-area quickness that aids him greatly against the run would translate against the pass. If he can improve his hand usage, he could become a part of the pass rush rotation, too.

[GB 3-9 SEA 40] (6:27) (Shotgun) A. Rodgers sacked at SEA 48 for -8 yards (Sm. Griffin)

There is truly no better play to end the first season of All-22 Musings with than this one. What a moment.