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Seahawks 2020 draft arsenal

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been just over a week since the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, and while the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers have one more meaningful game to play this season, it’s never to early to look forward to the offseason.

That in mind, last week I ran down the different free agents on which the team will face questions in the coming weeks, and now that we know that the Seahawks will get pick 2.64 from the Chiefs in the Frank Clark trade, we can start to predict what the Hawks draft arsenal will look like. Thus, without wasting anymore time, here are the eight picks the team is projected to hold in the draft this coming April:

  • 1.27: Seahawks native first round pick
  • 2.59: Seahawks native second round pick
  • 2.64: From Chiefs as part of the Frank Clark trade
  • 3.Compensatory*: Comp pick projected for loss of Earl Thomas
  • 4.130**: Seahawks native fourth round pick
  • 4.Compensatory*: Comp pick projected for loss of Justin Coleman
  • 5.172**: Jaguars fifth round pick, which was acquired from the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Nick Vannett trade
  • 6.Compensatory*: Comp pick projected for loss of Shamar Stephen

*Compensatory picks are based on the projections of Nick Korte of, who does fantastic work on that subject. They are not official, but Korte is very good at what he does, and is typically spot on with his projections.

**Starting in the fourth round, it is impossible to project the exact pick number the team will hold until the NFL announces comp picks and the official order for the 2020 NFL Draft. The number of comp picks in any given round can vary, which leads to a shifting of the pick numbers in latter rounds. Thus, the projected pick numbers for these are approximate, based on the number of projected comp picks in previous rounds.

As for why the Seahawks do not currently possess their native picks in the third, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds, those were dealt away in various trades over the course of the past year. Those trades include:

  • 3rd round pick: Sent to the Houston Texans as part of the Jadeveon Clowney trade
  • 5th round pick: Sent to the Detroit Lions as part of the Quandre Diggs trade
  • 6th round pick: Sent to the Jacksonville Jaguars to acquire their 2019 7th round pick (used to select wide receiver John Ursua out of Hawaii)
  • 7th round pick: Sent to the New England Patriots to acquire Jacob Hollister

There have been some rumblings among fans that the pick sent to New England was conditional, and that because Hollister was waived at the end of training camp, that the conditions were not met. However, while there are several news reports and tweets that the trade of the pick was conditional, the official NFL transaction wire report gives no indication that the pick was sent conditionally. When there are conditions attached to a pick that is traded, that is noted on the report, but in the case of the Hollister trade, there is no such notation. As such, until and unless someone can provide official confirmation from the league that the pick had conditions attached, I’ll continue to assume that New England now owns that pick.

In any case, that’s what the draft arsenal looks like at the moment, though, it could of course change in the coming months. Once the NFL announces the official order to the draft, typically in late February, we’ll have a complete picture of the entire draft, not just that of the Seahawks.