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It is I, your new Field Gulls site manager!

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Many of you have probably been wondering what would happen to Field Gulls following the departure of Kenneth Arthur, who’s taken up a full-time position at SB Nation. Well the good news is that we are keeping daily operations in-house, the bad news is that I’m in charge.

That’s right.

Now for those of you who didn’t close out the tab yet, yours truly is no longer just the guy who does Enemy Reaction and Winners and Losers. It’s an honor to be the new Field Gulls Managing Editor, and I look forward to maintaining the high standards of coverage and quality content that you’ve come to know and love for more than a decade.

For those of you who read my work over at Bloody Elbow (where I’m an Associate Editor), I’m still there at the same position, so I will be pulling double duty. Luckily for me, I work with great staffs on both sites.

It’s taken me awhile to even write this up — it’s been official for about a week — just because I prefer as little fanfare for myself as possible, but I do want to formalize it here. Everything else at Field Gulls should be business as usual. Alistair Corp and John Gilbert are the other editors on staff and they have been so vital to keeping the site flowing with news, analysis, and more. John Fraley is another Field Gulls mainstay whose best hit was “New York Groove” back in the 1970s, Clarke Ries and Tyler Alsin are the new kids on the block, Brandan Schulze is in charge of the Field Gulls Podcast, Jacson Bevens has Cigar Thoughts during the season, and John Morgan is currently on hiatus attending to his school studies. We have some big things planned for our offseason coverage, so stay tuned!

All I ask is that if you have Twitter, follow every single one of our staff writers because they all produce great content. Alaric is also on Twitter if you have any site moderation questions.