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Seahawks FanPulse: Fan confidence gets a boost even with losing skid entering playoffs

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NFL: NOV 24 Seahawks at Eagles Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When we last checked in on our FanPulse results, Seattle Seahawks fans saw confidence drop all the way to 28% after a terrible home loss to the Arizona Cardinals. One Marshawn Lynch signing and a competitive (if not heartbreaking) “game of inches” defeat to the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC West title later, and suddenly opinion has shifted.

The latest polling has shot up our confidence levels to 58%, which you might be interested to know is not the lowest among playoff teams. Green Bay Packers (54%), Minnesota Vikings (37%), and Houston Texans (31%) are all worse, and I don’t know why the Vikings are that down apart from having to play the New Orleans Saints instead of a Seahawks rematch.

Our opponents this weekend are the NFC East champion Philadelphia Eagles, whose confidence polling is at 77%, up 12% after winning in Week 17 to confirm that they would make the playoffs over the Dallas Cowboys.

National Question: Which Wild Card matchup are you most looking forward to this week?

Titans at Patriots - 34%

Vikings at Saints - 31%

Seahawks at Eagles - 21%

Bills at Texans - 14%

There might even be an uptick in Seahawks confidence because this team is 7-1 on the road and playing a team that Seattle has beaten before, or maybe it really is just mostly “Marshawn Lynch is back” that has gotten some of the respondents’ confidence back.

Don’t forget that you can signup to be a FanPulse voter! Get involved in the votes! This was an idea that started right here at Field Gulls with Kenneth Arthur, so be a part of the action!